Vdraft Partner Application

The Vdraft Partner (third party developer) program provides you with free software development tools to allow you to produce applications that work with Vdraft. Once your product has qualified as a working and shipping product we will list your offering on the Internet as a Vdraft Solution.

As a Vdraft Partner you will be able to sell your application and Vdraft as a bundled solution. Customers who want your CAD products will be able to purchase your product with Vdraft from one source. One stop shopping, one stop solutions, at a very competitive price.

SoftSource has been an Autodesk third party developer for over 10 years. Now we are offering the best of the Autodesk third party program without its limitations.

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Top 10 reasons why you will want
to be a Vdraft Partner 'third party developer'

  1. Full AutoCAD drawing & DXF compatibility. Vdraft works directly with AutoCAD drawings without translation so no information is lost. AutoCAD itself is the only other CAD program that can make this claim.

  2. Use the same tools you use for other programming tasks - Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, etc. Working with CAD drawings is only part of the picture. You need to tie into databases, spread sheets, etc. Why learn and use different languages and programming tools for each piece of the puzzle? Or worse yet, several programming systems for AutoCAD drawings alone? Vdraft can be programmed from any programming language which supports OLE Automation.

  3. Code that's easier to write and maintain. Which code would you rather use to change the layer of an object?
    (setq entity (entget (entlast)))
    (setq entity
    	(subst(cons 8 "LAYER")
    		(assoc 8 entity) entity))
    (entmod entity)


    Drawing.Entities.Last.Layer = Drawing.Layers ("LAYER")

  4. Vdraft is easier to use

  5. Use the tools that are best in their categories. CAD companies specialize in CAD tools not programming tools. A professional programming environment contains tools that are much more powerful than those found in a CAD program.

  6. Work with multiple drawings at the same time. If you need to cut and paste information between drawings or compare drawing information, your program can work with several drawings simultaneously in Vdraft.

  7. Templates for starting drawings. Vdraft templates automate the process of starting new drawings. Third party developers can easily build their own templates.

  8. Background processing. Your application can use Vdraft as a drawing engine even without Vdraft visibly running. Or you can do background processing in drawings while the user is editing drawings in the foreground.

  9. Price. Your customers could pay for your application + $3,000 for AutoCAD or about 1/10th that price for Vdraft. As a third party developer you get a larger discount than dealers when you bundle Vdraft with your application.

  10. SoftSource wants you to be successful. We're not out to steal your market.

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