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Now you can download the full featured Trial Version of Vdraft.

When Vdraft is fully installed it will require approximately 20 MB of hard disk space. An additional 17 MB will be required during installation for the downloaded Winzip executables and the temporary files needed while the Setup program is running. Please note that after Setup has completed that the temporary files unzipped by Winzip (usually to your C:\TEMP directory) can now be deleted.

  • The download file size is 8.1 Mbytes and will take approximately 45 minutes on a 28.8 modem or 2 minutes or less on a DSL or T1 line. When the download completes run the Vtrial22.EXE program and then answer the prompts for Winzip and then Setup.
    Download the Trial Version of Vdraft -- Vtrial22.exe

  • If you have a size restriction on the files you can download, download each of these smaller files instead.
    Once you have all the files, run vtri22_1.exe. Pick the button that says Unzip. When it is finished, select to unzip the next file, and so on. When all the files are finished, Setup will start so you can install Vdraft.

  • If you would prefer to receive the Trial Vesion of Vdraft on CD ROM then select the following option and fill out the CD request form.
    Request form for Trial Version of Vdraft on CD ROM

  • Download Vdraft release here
    For paid users only. This link is password protected (i.e., you have to order and pay first).

See the Vdraft FAQ to find the answers to the most asked questions.
Fequently Ask Questions

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