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This is the commercial home for Vdraft Internet Tools (Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer 3, 4 and 5 (not IE6), and Opera Plug-ins). There are two commercial plug-ins available at this site. One is our new AutoCAD/DXF plug-in which allows viewing and printing of AutoCAD and DXF based drawings over Intranets and the Internet. The second plug-in is for industry standard SVF based drawings. Both plug-ins can be ordered online for $50 or less per workstation.

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Topics of interest

  • DEMO - AutoCAD/DXF Plug-in v3.4 (download here; 1753KB)
    Download a trial version of the AutoCAD/DXF plugin here. The demo will time out viewing drawings after 5 minutes. You can reload the current drawing you are viewing or load a new drawing to view in the demo version of the plug-in after the time out.
  • AutoCAD/DXF Plug-in v3.4 (Commercial download here; 1753KB)
    For registered users only. This link is password protected (i.e., you have to pay first).
  • SVF Plug-in v2.5 (Commercial download here; 879KB)
    For registered users only. This link is password protected (i.e., you have to pay first).
  • Ordering Licensing Options, Commercial Pricing, and How to Order the Vdraft Internet Tools.

In excess of 200,000 users already benefit from the AutoCAD/DXF and SVF plug-ins.

For a free demo of the AutoCAD/DXF Plug-in click on the graphic below or click here. This demo is approximately 1753KB in size.

To download the free (for non-commercial use) version of the SVF Plug-in please link to our SVF Plug-in page. Also additional information on the above plug-ins can be found here.

Pricing information can be found a the bottom of the Online Order form you will find at Vdraft's Home Page (link below).

To obtain a commercial license fill out the Online Order form or call, fax, or email SoftSource.

Thank you to all who purchase a license--your purchase will promote the development of future enhancements to our Plug-ins.

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