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A CAD System for AutoCAD and DXF Drawings

- Quick Tour - SoftSource has a long history of software development. The group wrote everything from a PC system bios, to pulp quality control systems, AutoCAD drawing viewers, and CAD drawing translators. When Autodesk decided to rewrite AutoCAD, they licensed DXE as the new software’s read-write system. They were already using DXE for Autosketch and other products. We participated in the design of the ‘new’ AutoCAD until a management change cancelled the project. The crew at SoftSource decided to continue the CAD system project and Vdraft is the result. Four years later, with over 500,000 lines of object oriented C++ code, we released the Vdraft 1.0 (May 1997). Vdraft has continued to evolve by customer input and developer request. It is a solid AutoCAD drawing based editor, as our customers will attest.