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New Features for Vdraft 2.2

Improved Hyperlinks Now compatible with AutoCAD hyperlinks. Simply hold down the shift key and move the mouse over a drawing object to view the hyperlink information, then click to load the listed Web page into your favorite browser!
Custom Object Tips When you move the mouse over a drawing object, Vdraft can display object tips customized for the object. See the Developer Page for more information.
Sketch Freehand sketch mode for drawing your ideas quickly.
And more... Order Vdraft or download the trial version to try it out for yourself.

New Features for Vdraft 2.1

Reference External
Drawings Across
the Web
A drawing on the Web can be attached to a drawing so you can always keep your information up-to-date. The DWG plugins for Netscape or Internet Explorer can be used to have Vdraft externally reference a drawing across the Internet.
Reference External
Text Files
Any external text file can be linked to your drawing so current data is always displayed.
Time Stamp AutoCAD Diesel expressions can be embedded so that the display of information such as the time and date, xref names, drawing location and name will always be kept current.
Create Bitmaps Create a bitmap from your drawings to any of a dozen formats for such things as publishing them on the Web or attaching them to other drawings.
Best AutoCAD
Drawing Support
The best AutoCAD drawing support in the industry has been expanded to display the AutoCAD 2000 Express Tools' entities: arc aligned text, rtext and wipeouts.
Drag and Drop
Adding a bitmap to your drawing is now as simple as drag and drop.

New Features for Vdraft 2.0

New AutoCAD
Drawing Support
Support for AutoCAD release 13, 14, 15 (2000) drawings. Now from version 2.5 to AutoCAD 2000.
Zoom & Pan
New real-time Zoom and Pan features are always on, for the quickest single step access to drawing details.
Hatch Hatch display and hatch creation. The hatch dialog provides hatch pattern preview and helps user by estimating hatch scale based on current screen resolution.
TrueType Use Windows TrueType fonts in your drawings for a better look and print.
Line Types
Shapes and text supported in Vdraft's support of complex line types.
Bitmap Display embedded bitmap images in existing drawings and insert new embedded bitmap images.
New entities support include true ellipses, rays, construction lines, lightweight polylines, true splines, leaders, and proxy entities. Create and edit the new entities found in AutoCAD release 13, 14, and 15 (2000).
We have unbundled the Internet tools from the Commercial Edition of Vdraft and set a new price of $250 per workstation. The Internet Suite has been beefed up to support requested Internet publishing of drawings and SVF files. The Personal Edition is $125 and the Student Edition cost has been reduced to $50 per workstation.

New Features for Vdraft 1.5

Offset Create a new object offset from an existing object.
Stretch Stretch portions of objects including dimensions and polyline vertices.
Grips Select one or more object grips for powerful editing.
Change the behavior of individual grips. For example, have a line's endpoint grip just change the length or angle of the line.
With Autogrips turned on, move over an object and the grip automatically appears.
Drawing Aids Offset From - Pick a point relative to another point in the drawing.
Through Point - Draw a line which goes through a given point.
Midway Between - Pick a point midway between two others.
Hyperlinks With Hypertips on, simply click on a link in the drawing to view a Web page using your favorite browser!
Select all the hyperlinks in a drawing with the click of a button.
Object Tips Get instant information by simply moving the cursor over an object.
Projects Group all the drawings in your project together.
Load all your drawings at once by choosing the project name.
Snap Combine the new length snap with angle snap for extra power.
Use keypoint snap to quickly turn on and off the most used object snaps.
Typing values Now you can type coordinates, lengths, etc. without picking a menu item, providing direct distance entry.
Print/Plot Change line widths by color or pen.
Xrefs Use the Block/Xref Manager to open an Xref for full editing.
Trim/Extend Now trim and extend to implied intersections as well as actual intersections.
Fonts/Linetypes Cut and paste the fonts and linetypes you need from new sample drawings.
Sample code Sample code is provided for Borland Delphi as well as Visual Basic and C++.
New Microsoft Excel examples show transfering data back and forth between a spreadsheet and Vdraft.
And more... Order Vdraft or download the trial version to try it out for yourself.

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