The Industry Standard for AutoCAD drawing (DWG) and DXF Compatibility

As the developer of the milestone-setting Drawing Librarian and Block Librarian add-ons for AutoCAD, SoftSource has amassed years of expertise in documenting in detail and working with the DWG and DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) file formats from the inside out. In addition, SoftSource is the creator of DXE (Drawing eXchange Engine), the industry-standard AutoCAD read-write API, used by the world's largest CAD companies. This extensive knowledge forms the basis of SoftSource Vdraft's distinct advantage of direct read-and-write for both DWG/DXF file compatibility.

Direct DWG and DXF Read-and-Write

Vdraft uses DWG and DXF as its native file formats and reads and writes AutoCAD Release 2000 (R15) and earlier files, directly and entirely without translation. AutoCAD data/format integrity is guaranteed. Vdraft's compatibility quotient for both file formats remains unique to the industry--not even AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT can directly edit DXF files.

<B>Vdraft</B> compatibility in action: four AutoCAD DWG drawings being edited at the same time in Vdraft's drawing space!

Compatibility Plus: Superior Multiple-Document Handling

In addition to benchmark file format compatibility with AutoCAD, Vdraft offers other significant advantages in handling files over and above AutoCAD's present, on-going implementation: the ability to work with multiple DWG and DXF drawings open in the same drawing space while just one instance of Vdraft is running.

For example, the following screen shot shows five complex DWG files being edited simultaneously:

The <B>Vdraft</B> Advantage: edit multiple DWG/DXF files-run just one instance of the application!

Yes, you can open and work with one, a dozen, or 101 AutoCAD drawings running just one instance of Vdraft!

Vdraft is designed around the Microsoft Windows MDI (Multiple Document Interface), which supports multiple documents open under one instance of the application. Thus, Vdraft's design represents a significant performance enhancement with the smartest possible use of system resources and overhead.

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