Microsoft Windows Compatibility and Connectivity

SoftSource Vdraft has been engineered from the ground up to integrate true 32-bit architecture and total compatibility with the currently dominant AutoCAD technology (Release 2002 (R16) and earlier DWG/DXF file formats). Native 32-bit architecture ensures maximum performance, compatibility, and connectivity with the latest and future generations of Microsoft Windows, which is fast becoming the dominating OS technology for the CAD workstation.

Full Compliance with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

SoftSource Vdraft has established an ongoing commitment to integrating the benefits of the latest Windows technology with the CAD workstation. Specifically, Vdraft meets all requirements for Microsoft Windows compliance. This includes the following criteria:

The<B>Vdraft</B>Commitment: integrating state-of-the-art Windows and CAD technologies: For example, a simple drag-and-drop of the file icon for a <B>Vdraft</B> DWG file seamlessly embeds the drawing into a Microsoft Windows Word document!

Vdraft: Leading Desktop CAD into the Future

In tandem with its commitment to thoroughly integrating the CAD and Windows desktops, Vdraft is poised to meet the oncoming demands for greater CAD customization, programmability, and program extensibility. Thus, Vdraft also incorporates the preferred customizing mechanism for the Windows environment--ActiveX Automation.

SoftSource Vdraft will continue to integrate the dominant Windows/CAD technologies in its forthcoming releases. With regard to performance, connectivity, and compatibility, this positions Vdraft to be the ideal desktop CAD system to speak to the industry's present needs and to bring the industry well into the 21st century.

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