Value and Cost-Effectiveness: A Checklist

At $250.00 Vdraft CAD System, Vdraft offers superb value and unrivaled cost-effectiveness--as a stand-alone product for new CAD workstations or as a valuable addition to existing AutoCAD workstations. Vdraft's easy-to-use, modern, graphical user interface boosts efficiency and productivity and significantly reduces the CAD learning curve. No longer are time-consuming, expensive training courses automatic prerequisites for even minimal competence with a CAD system. Vdraft evolves CAD to a radically new level of usability that allows CAD novices to be productive right away. And, no longer does it take thousands of dollars to outfit an individual CAD workstation that produces true, fully compatible AutoCAD DWG/DXF drawings. Vdraft fills this void as well.

Vdraft is engineered from the ground up with an intuitive user interface, feature set, and design philosophy that allow the user to focus on drafting and problem-solving, not figuring out work-arounds or how to coax the CAD system into producing what the user visualizes (recognizing that too many users spend too much time doing just that with their existing CAD systems, SoftSource created Vdraft.) And, quite simply, Vdraft is also dedicated to the idea of making CAD enjoyable again! (Remember that spark you felt when you first saw CAD's potential? Can you say that about your present CAD system?)

In short, Vdraft is the CAD system that can make the real difference in enhancing the whole design and drafting process and in dramatically cutting the time and cost needed to create, edit, and maintain drawings or to develop custom solutions.

A Checklist for Evaluating Vdraft's Value and Cost-Effectiveness

The following checklist sums up the foregoing major points in this document plus additional considerations when evaluating Vdraft's value and cost-effectiveness for your own needs or for those of your firm (click any checkmark to review details on a given point):

*Full-featured, AutoCAD-drawing based CAD system in a streamlined toolset.
* No Translation Required: unique, industry-standard AutoCAD DWG/DXF compatibility and data integrity; direct read-write of AutoCAD DWG/DXF files. ("Se habla DXE.")
*Easy transition from AutoCAD (type AutoCAD commands in Vdraft, AutoCAD Help/command equivalents quick reference, and AutoCAD User's Guide to Vdraft).
*Easy on the pocketbook: save money on lengthy, expensive training programs (even CAD novices can be productive with Vdraft's strong usability and friendly user-interface design; AutoCAD users don't need retraining to learn a new command set).
*Superior multiple document handling (open and work with as many drawings as you need to, running one instance of Vdraft).
*Easy copy-/cut-and-paste between drawings (including between drawings open in Vdraft and/or open in AutoCAD).
*Extensive backward compatibility with AutoCAD releases 2000 (R15), 14, 13, 11/12, 10, and 9 and versions 2.6 and 2.5.
*Robust, native 32-bit architecture to fully exploit the enhanced performance of Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.
*Intuitive, easy-to-learn/easy-to-use, modern, graphical user interface that promotes immediate productivity for users of all CAD expertise levels.
ALT="*"Complete online Help system for beginning to advanced users (Vdraft Help and Customization Help).
ALT="*"Incorporates the latest Windows Help technology to assist you in "learning as you go" ("tool tips" for instant, on-screen toolbutton identification; "screen tips" for detailed help on dialog box options).
ALT="*"Open architecture and versatile programmability/customization via ActiveX Automation (use the same programming tools you use to drive other Windows applications; use just ONE programming tool for all customization needs, if desired).
*New Drawing Setup Wizard to simplify and automate drawing setup.
*Graphical preview of drawings, blocks, and Xrefs.
*Easy dimensioning ("quick dimensions" feature plus full dimensioning capabilities).
*Versatile, easy printing and plotting from modelspace or paperspace (including views, drawing extents, and single or multiple viewports in either drawing space; print/plot to fit or at a precise scale).
*ZOOM SCALE command to plot views at precise, varying scales in single- or multi-view layouts.
*Superior block/Xref management capabilities (Block/Xref Manager).
*Complete compatibility with existing AutoCAD block and symbol libraries.
*Easy management of dependent symbols (Drawing Dependencies dialog box).
*Built-in tools for easy creation of custom linetypes.
*For key tasks, modeless dialog boxes that you can keep open as you work and experiment.
*Undo/Redo List to conveniently view and/or reverse or re-execute commands and actions.
*Properties boxes for easy viewing/editing of object properties.
*Group properties box for easy viewing/editing of properties for multiple objects.
*Innovative precision drafting techniques ("auto-enter" coordinates and cursor tips values).
*Full suite of grid, angle, and object snaps and distance/area measurement tools.
*Intuitive, easy-to-use 3-D viewing tools (3D ROTATE and VIEWPOINT commands).
*Easy toolbar manipulation (hide/unhide toolbars and toolbuttons; drag-and-dock or free-float toolbars in the drawing space).
*Easy properties-viewing/editing via intelligent, top-level UI toolbars.
*Share data with other users and other Windows applications (supports copy-/cut-and-paste to other applications, e-mail drawings from within Vdraft, drag-and-drop Vdraft files into other applications, export Vdraft text and Windows metafiles and bitmaps to other applications, ActiveX linking/embedding).
*Built-in Internet capabilities for dynamic viewing of CAD graphics on the Web; share CAD drawings with users who don't have CAD systems (integrated with and ships with Vdraft Internet Tools--DWG/DXF Plug-in and SVF Plug-in; ability to create net hyperlinks in drawings and output SVF files from Vdraft).
*Built-in templates and prototype drawings with standard ANSI title blocks and borders for various sheet sizes.
*Scripts capability for setting up custom drawing templates, custom keyboard commands, and user-defined pop-up menus.
*Ships with several value-added custom applications created by third-party developers (for example, attribute extraction utility, place/date/time stamp, etc.)
*At $250 bucks a copy, it's economically feasible to outfit all your CAD workstations with Vdraft--even the AutoCAD workstations that could use a little turbo-charging with features like multiple-document handling, easy copy-/cut-and-paste, etc.
*Isn't it about time to get something easy enough for the engineers and project managers to use?!
*What the heck. . .life is too short! CAD should be enjoyable, too!
*Joel Orr said (and he should know), "Every AutoCAD user must buy Vdraft. It's a no-brainer."

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