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AutoCAD Drawing (and DXF) View and Print

    SoftSource's new AutoCAD drawing view and print program CADview lets you view AutoCAD DWG and DXF drawings. Measure and calculate square footage. Quick and accurate. CADview is a great addition to any standalone PC or Internet workstation. We will send you a pass code to download the commercial release of CADview after we have received your order. Order by phone or use the ONLINE Order form.

  • Download CADview demo (30 day trial) here (7.2MB)

    If you have a size restriction on the files you can download, download each of these smaller files instead.

  • File 1 cadv22t1.exe
  • File 2 cadv22t2.exe
  • File 3 cadv22t3.exe
  • File 4 cadv22t4.exe
  • File 5 cadv22t5.exe
  • File 6 cadv22t6.exe
    Once you have all the files, run cadv22t1.exe. Pick the button that says Unzip. When it is finished, select to unzip the next file, and so on. When all the files are finished, Setup will start so you can install CADview.

  • Download CADview release here (7.3MB)
    For paid users only. This link is password protected (i.e., you have to order and pay first).

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CADview is the Vdraft CAD system with the save drawing functions turned off. Our application developers wanted a runtime version of the CAD system, and our thousands of Drawing Librarian users wanted an upgrade to that award winning product. We solved both requests when we created CADview. It is a very powerful viewer with a full CAD system under the hood.