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License Options

SoftSource LLC software license options:

  • $250 - Vdraft CAD System *
  • $100 - CADview *
  • $50 - AutoCAD/DXF plugin *
  • $50 - SVF plugin *

* cost per workstation in USD "US dollars"

Vdraft CAD System $250

  • Single Workstation Vdraft license

      The power of Vdraft for creating and editing AutoCAD drawings on your personal or company workstation. Vdraft allows viewing, printing, and editing of any existing AutoCAD drawing or DXF drawing. Vdraft users work directly in the same file format as AutoCAD without translation providing a safe cost effective alternative to purchasing AutoCAD. Vdraft also gives the power of viewing and editing AutoCAD drawing to anyone without the extensive training required to master AutoCAD. Vdraft is easier to learn use and support.

    CADview $100

  • Single Workstation CADview license

      The power of Vdraft for viewing and printing AutoCAD drawings combined with the ability to temporarily turn on and off layers, and measure makes CADview a simple choice. You can let anyone get access to your CAD drawings with no risk. Managers and engineers can view in detail CAD drawings for current projects as well drawing archives. A simple solution for access to AutoCAD drawings.

    AutoCAD/DXF Plugin $50

  • Single Workstation AutoCAD/DXF Plugin license

      The AutoCAD/DXF Plugin gives you the power to view and print AutoCAD drawings in Netscape or IE Internet Explorer. You can zoom in on drawing details, turn layers on and off and print the current view or entire drawing inside your Internet browser. View drawings on Web pages or from email. Emailed drawings can be viewed with more control and ease by using CADview in place of this plugin. The plugin lets you view and print AutoCAD and DXF drawings inside your browser. The AutoCAD/DXF plugin is a very powerful and useful extension of your existing browser.

    SVF Plugin $50

  • Single Workstation SVF Plugin license

      SVF (simple vector format) is the drawing format designed for viewing and distributing vector-based drawings for the Internet. Many CAD systems like Microstation, ArchiCAD, and Vdraft provide direct support for SVF drawing creation. Major software translators like Tailormade Software's AutoExchange, CADbridge, and CAD Server allows you to create SVF files from most commercial file formats. The SVF Plugin is a simple solution for access to SVF drawings. The SVF plugin is a very powerful and useful extension of your existing browser.

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  • SoftSource has been developing Computer Aided Design (CAD) drafting systems, translation, and commercial management software since 1982. These innovative products are used by tens of thousands of CAD drafters and managers to create, edit, display, and print AutoCAD drawings.