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AutoCAD/DXF Drawing and SVF Internet Browser Plugins

This is the commercial home for the SoftSource browser plugins for Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer 3, 4 and 5 (not IE6). There are two commercial plugins available at this site. One is our AutoCAD/DXF plugin that allows viewing and printing of AutoCAD and DXF based drawings over Intranets and the Internet. The second plugin is for industry standard SVF 1.1 based drawings. Both plug-ins can be ordered online for $50 or less per workstation.

  • DEMO - AutoCAD/DXF Plugin v3.4 (download here; 1753KB)
    Download a trial version of the AutoCAD/DXF plugin here. The demo will time out viewing drawings after 5 minutes. You can reload the current drawing you are viewing or load a new drawing to view in the demo version of the plugin after the time out. To avoid timeouts order your license from SoftSource. It only costs $50.

  • (Commercial download here; 1753KB)
    For registered users only. This link is password protected (i.e., you have to pay first).

  • (Commercial download here; 879KB)
    For registered users only. This link is password protected (i.e., you have to pay first).

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  • General plugin information

  • Plugin Help

In excess of 200,000 users already benefit from the AutoCAD/DXF and SVF plugins.

© 1982... 2008 SoftSource LLC.

SoftSource plugins are the result of years of helping develop web standards (SVF), and supporting AutoCAD and DXF based drawings within web browsers. SVF (Simple Vector Format http://svf.org) was a joint project with NCSA to integrate vector based drawings into the first browser Mosaic. SoftSource has one of the few Mosaic source licenses, along with Microsoft and Netscape to the basis of all browsers. The SoftSource plugins work with the standard Netscape interface, which is not supported by IE 6.0 or newer. For AutoCAD and DXF based drawings we have moved customers to our CADview product.