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Product Pricing

The following list reflects current pricing for licensing
Vdraft CAD System, CADview, and Internet Browser Plugins.

SoftSource Price List, as of January 15th 2002.

  • $250 - Vdraft CAD System *
  • $100 - CADview *
  • $50 - AutoCAD/DXF plugin *
  • $50 - SVF plugin *

* cost per workstation in USD "US dollars"

The following list reflects current quantity pricing for licensing the commercial versions of the AutoCAD/DXF Internet Plugin and the SVF Internet Plug-in.

The two lists below indicate your choices for commercially licensing the Internet plugins. You can license the Internet plugins as "stand-alone" units, or pay a "limited site license" fee, which is based on the maximum number of licensed seats to be used. You can add more seats to your license by ordering more seats at a later time.

For quantity pricing for Vdraft CAD System, Vdraft CADview email: softsales@softsource.com or phone sales:(360) 676-0999 We will be happy to email, fax, mail, or quote you quantity pricing.

SoftSource PlugIn Price List, for SVF Plugin and AutoCAD/DXF Plugin as of September 25th 2001.
Number of Stand-AloneFee per
1-49 $ 50
50-99 $ 45
100-499 $ 40
500-2,499 $ 35
2,500-4,999 $ 30
5,000-9,999 $ 25
10,000 + $ 20

If you have any questions about pricing or licensing SoftSource products direct them to:


SoftSource LLC
112 Ohio Street Suite 202
Bellingham, Washington 98225

Phone: (360) 676-0999
Sales: sales@softsource.com

Thank you.

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SoftSource has been developing Computer Aided Design (CAD) drafting systems, translation, and commercial management software since 1982. These innovative products are used by tens of thousands of CAD drafters and managers to create, edit, display, and print AutoCAD drawings.